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  1. I’ve added some more security features to the website (we’ve been getting a lot of spam). If you have trouble logging in or viewing forums, let me know!

  2. Iphi has gotten herself a new job! Overnights – which means after raids when you all head off to bed at 8pm server time … I’ll be off to work! :) Thanks for all the well wishes, guys, it must’ve done the trick!

  3. Hi everyone! I’m still around and just wanted to say hello. I don’t expect to be back in Rift for several months but I’m looking forward to the day when I’m back. Hope you’re all doing well. :)

  4. I got this for my “saved name”; {“character”:”Oonna”,”guild”:false,”tte”:{“character”:1400110805,”guild”:null}}
    Anyone know if it worked? Thanks.

  5. Thanks guys! I figured it was time for an update to include Wildstar. BTW, Lib & I are having company today so won’t be on for guild night.

  6. Hey all Sky here! I deleted my Esper Skylyn to reroll the SS as a scientist because I was enjoying it on the Engineer the SS is named Skylyn for the sake of ease

  7. Guest pass for Wildstar expired so I’m on a hiatus for a bit until funds come available. Will log into Rift periodically, but it’s fairly dead there for the time being.

  8. Hi everyone, I’m finally back in Rift and, in real life, settled into my own apartment. Finally some stability! Hope to see you all soon.

  9. YO YO! Sky here and I am Leveling an Engineer WHY? Because I heal in like every game time for a change don’t hurt me if I’m a bad tank LOL got no problem DPSing

  10. Hello all! Unfortunately, away until Monday evening and don’t have Wildstar on the laptop (and the hotel wireless is slow as hell to do anything). Hope y’all have a great weekend!

  11. If you happen to log in to Rift and notice that Iphi left the guild… never fret, I’ve just found a good raiding guild. :) The rest of my toons are staying put. Look forward to seeing you guys next time you log in ;)

  12. Gonna be really scarce until after 9/7. If you’re near the Hudson Valley of NY and want some wine & food fun, come see me at the Hudson Valley Wine & Food Fest!

  13. Hello everyone, its Saz. I haven’t seen alot of you lately. I wanted to tell you guys that Jen and I are engaged, we aren’t really playing wildstar, are looking forward to rift, and casually logging into archeage cuz..why not.

  14. hehe Will see. Basically, if my laptop can’t run it (which it most likely can’t) I won’t invest the time. Sadly, I get very little time on my PC lately.

  15. I just got a spare Beta key for Trove this evening. If anyone else is interested in trying it (it will be free to play when it comes out), let me know and I can email you the key!

  16. All Trove is on one server, the best bet is to hop into Mumble sometime and I can invite him to the Club. Unfortunately, you have to be online to add friends or invite to Club.

  17. Sorry guys. I got tied up helping the neighbor with something and then late getting dinner started. Just realized it’s almost 9:00. I’m not going to make it tonight. =(

  18. So I have a job and will be working 2nd shift, which means a very low likelihood of future raiding. :( I shall miss raiding with you all! (But I have a job now!)

  19. BTW I’ve branched out into two “new” games — EvE Online and Guild Wars 2 — I’m uncreative in usernames so feel free to find me on either game if you wish :D

  20. Sorry we didn’t make it Monday night. We were still trying to finish the bathroom floor so we could put our one and only toilet back before bedtime.

  21. Arthas killed my video card! I might be a bit scarce for a few days while I source a replacement that has not been infected by the Scourge.

  22. hey guys any one knows the name of one of the wow division recruiter just to make a proper introduction about my self and i try to post on the forums but it has some issues on the forum at least for me

  23. Hi Dragunnuous, we don’t have a lot of people in WoW right now, we’re mostly in SWtOR. If you’re interested in WoW, look for Mareritte she can invite. You should also be able to post on the forums now. I have activated your account.

  24. Hi Saleny and thanks for the reply and the account activation i be doing an introuction in the wow forums beside most ptobably i be triying black desert online dual shocker is dong a beta keys giveawy right now just in case u gus wana try the game out

  25. Well, after 3 failed video cards, I gave up and ordered components for a new system. I’m probably still dead in the water for another week. I miss y’all!

  26. Bummer Sal. Hopefully sooner rather than later! Knock on wood, mine’s been solid for 6 years now. Not looking forward to replacing everything at any point.

  27. Okay, installed ARK. Oonna says not to try to play the game until someone can guide me or I’ll die. So does this mean I should wait until Sunday?

  28. Welcome to all the “new” folks! It’s great to play with you all again! For guild invite ask just about any Silent Strike member, pretty much everyone can invite.

  29. Hopefully someone helped you last night, Tox but we merged Ark servers. See forums for cross ark travel info. Your original shelter and everything should be there.

  30. I was able to get on, there was an update that didn’t take. Only reason I asked is I knew the cross server was happening but looks like I’m on the correct server. Talked to Dhark on there last night for a bit.

  31. The Primitive Plus is another server- Baline runs that one. You should be able to connect to either The Center or Scorched Earth via the banners near the bottom of this page if you can’t find the servers in the Steam list. The Steam list is terribly unreliable.

  32. I have 2 extra Mantis if anyone would like one. And I have 1 deathworm horn in my vault outside. It seems 1 horn will tame 50 levels. I have 2 manitses that I plan on keeping but the 2 lower level ones are free game.

  33. Also hope to have an industrial forge set up by the oil pump by end of the day. I will have a mantis there as well that can be used for mining. Feel free to use both if you want.

  34. Can’t believe I’m typing this but…I am considering, just considering mind you getting Legion. What side/server do you all play on in case I decide to take the plunge?

  35. Do EEEet! We’re Alliance side on Wyrmrest Accord. You can /join silentstrike chat channel for a guild invite or add my battle tag to your friends list (Saleny#1294). Buying Legion gets you a free boost to 100, so you’d be in the swing with the rest of us really quickly. I think it’s the best expansion since Lich King and might be the best one ever.

  36. If I do it I’m going to have to buy a brand new wow account. Does legion contain all previous packs? If I log into my old account too many old guildies from wow will be upset I’m not playing with them.

  37. You would need to purchase World of Warcraft ($19.99) + Legion to get everything, apparently. Keep in mind that you can join people across servers. As long as you are Battlenet friends, they can invite you to group and you’ll be able to go to their server or they can come to yours. In fact many of the zones are cross-server because of the phasing so you’ll see people from other servers all the time. The guild is tied to the server, but other than that, it’s pretty easy to move around.

  38. Cool and thank you for the info Saleny :) All of my other toons are horde and I don’t want to do any race/server transfers so I think I may be better off just purchasing new and starting fresh. Now for the other question, is the witch hunter any fun? Most likely I’ll make that my toon since I’ve played every other class before lol.

  39. Well, keep in mind starting a new account means losing all the account-wide achievements, mounts and pets you may have gotten previously. Demon Hunter is ridiculously fun! It’s the most fun melee class I’ve ever tried, however… you need another toon on the account at least level 70. Demon Hunters start at 98 and by the time you’re done the intro, you’re 100. So… if you’re starting a new account, use your level 100 boost on another class and then make the Demon Hunter. I still think you should just reactivate your old account. All achievements, mounts and pets are shared across the account and you’d lose a lot if you played any significant amount of time before.

  40. I am going to take your advice and just reactivate :) Thank you for all the help and I can’t wait to try a demon hunter…oh crap…it sounds like I’ve made up my mind and am going to give my soul back to the WoW gods!

  41. Monday 12/19 will be last scheduled raid until after Christmas. If you’ve got dungeons to complete or group quests you need help with, feel free to put those on the in game calendar.

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