Rift Shard Consolidation and Patch News

I guess we moved just in time, as players logging into Shadefallen were notified this morning that the server is being turned into a Trial shard and the regular population is required to move (they are suggesting Faeblight) with a deadline of January 18.  I’m really enjoying the healthy population on Faeblight and I think the consolidation is a good thing.

In other news, there are some exciting changes coming for Patch 1.7 (currently on the test shard).  Consolidation of Expert dungeons into 1 level, gear boosts for new level 50’s, a new Chronicle and other improvements to make the gearing-up process more logical and smoother at level 50.

For those of you still not playing Rift, you can Try Rift For Free from January 19th to 22nd!


Silent Carnage now in SWtOR

Our Imperial guild, Silent Carnage, was formed last night in SWtOR.  If you need an invite look for Chamani, Jett’ras’kathar, Saidur or (yes this is his name) Bobafalcon *sigh*.  Or just ask any of us on the Republic side and we’ll log over.

Silent Strike now on Faeblight

Silent Strike has moved to the Faeblight server in Rift.  This is where new and returning Strikers can find us.  Welcome to our new home and have fun!

*UPDATE* – Everyone that has been invited into the guild has had their rank updated so they are able to do guild invites, so you can invite any missing characters (and maybe find us some new friends to play with)