Cenarius Defeated!

Congratulations on downing Cenarius! One more boss and we will have conquered The Emerald Nightmare. This week starts a fresh instance, so we’ll be starting with Nythendra and see how many bosses we can get through in one night. Start reading about Trial if Valor!

Il’gynoth is Down!

It’s been a banner week for Silent Strike in Emerald Nightmare. One-shot kills on Nythendra, Ursoc & the Dragons of Nighmare and our first kill on Il’gynoth. Only Elerethe Renferal stands in the way of Cenarius and Xavius. With luck we’ll face Cenarius next Monday for the first time.

I’m also adding Karazhan/Mythics on Thursday nights here and there, be sure to check the guild calendar!

Elerethe Renferal and the Dragons of Nightmare are Down!

Congrats on finally defeating the spider/bird Elerethe Renferel and then one-shotting the Dragons of Nightmare on our first try last night!  That leaves only Il’gynoth to defeat before we move into the core of the nightmare to visit Malfurion and Xavius! Next raid night is Tuesday 1/17. Join us Monday Jan. 16 for Mythic dungeons. I’d love to get a bunch of people keyed for Karazhan so we can start tackling that mini-raid 5-man dungeon!