Two Down – One to Go!

Odyn and Guarm in Trial of Valor have been defeated! Only Helya remains and then we can begin to venture into Nighthold! We will continue to try to clear Emerald Nightmare once a week until everyone’s gotten the essences and items they need to complete their Artifact quests.

The Nightmare Lord is Dead!

Congratulations on downing Xavius (in one shot no less!) last night! We’ve now cleared the Emerald Nightmare as a guild. It’s been great to see the team come together and get our raiding “legs” under us again! As we discussed, I’ll be putting Emerald Nightmare on the Monday night raid calendar until everyone’s gotten the Essences of Clarity and other things they need for their artifacts. In theory, we should start to be able to clear the zone in one night. Trial of Valor will go on the Tuesday night calendar.