Forums being worked on

I’ve been having conflicts and problems between WordPress (what this site runs on) and Vanilla (our forum software) for a while. I’m in the process of attempting to convert our Vanilla forums into a WordPress plugin called bbPress that should eliminate a lot of the integration problems. In the meantime you can always post on our Discord chat channels or our Facebook Group

Patch 7.2.5 Comes June 13

It’s official, patch 7.2.5 will arrive on June 13.  With the patch comes a bunch of class changes, a new solo scenario where we get to save everyone’s favorite Bronze Dragon, Chromie and the first Timewalking Raid – Black Temple! We’ll definitely have to schedule a guild night to raid Black Temple when it’s available, especially for all our Demon Hunters so they have the opportunity to get the Warglaives of Azzinoth.

As usual WoWhead has all the details.

Onward toward the Nighthold!

Congratulations Silent Strike, on clearing Trial of Valor! Helya, our final foe went down last night. We don’t really have plans to revisit Trial of Valor unless there’s a need from guildmates. The soulshards needed to complete the armor appearance quest can be gotten through the weekly LFR unlike the artifact quest pieces that come from Emerald Nightmare.

We’ll venture into Nighthold starting April 4 and probably work in Emerald Nightmare Monday nights for the next few weeks or until everyone that needs it has gotten all the quest pieces for their artifact weapons.

Look out Skorpyron, here we come!