Ranks & Organization

Ranks and Organization in World of Warcraft
The guild leader is Megah

The officers are (main character, alphabetical):

  • Litebody
  • Murkyll

Ranks in the Guild
Guild Leader –  Leader of the Guild

Officer – Guild officers with Authenticators
Guardian – Guild officers without Authenticators

Champion – Members above level 80 with Authenticators
Veteran – Members above level 80 without Authenticators

Cavalier – Members below level 80 with Authenticators
Soldier – Members below level 80 without Authenticators

Recruit – New members still in 2 week probationary period

Inactive – members without authenticators that have not logged in in over a month

If you have an authenticator and are still listed in a rank that without one, please make sure to log in that character and tell an officer and we can correct it.  The system doesn’t recognize characters have authenticators unless they’ve been logged in within the past 30 days. If you get an authenticator, please let an officer know and we will bump you to the proper rank.

Promotions are simply level based, with the exception of the officer rank. If you are not in the correct rank for your level, just tell an officer and the change should happen without question.

Officer promotions occur when the Guild Leader determines that replacements for absent officers must be made or when otherwise needed due to guild growth. The candidates must apply and meet qualifications set forth by the decree at the time. Officer promotion is not so much a “reward” as recognition of a candidate’s commitment to the guild and their willingness to serve in making Silent Strike a great place to call “home”. Officers bear additional responsibilities for determining the direction of the guild as well as recruiting and they act as mediators in disputes as well as helping new members to learn our policies, procedures and help them become comfortable.

Ranks and Organization in Rift
The guild leaders are Saleny & Arious.

Currently all members who were members of the guild in WoW are given the rank of Senior Member. Since we are growing the guild, all Senior Members have the ability to do guild invites.  Because the guild is currently fairly small, an complex rank and officer system isn’t necessary.  This may change as the guild grows in size.

We still have a 2 week probation period for new members that were not members in WoW before being made a full member and given access to the guild bank.