Member Handbook

General Conduct
Silent Strike is first and foremost a family oriented guild. Our membership is comprised of quite a few married couples, their offspring and mostly adults. As such, the rules of conduct are simple:

  • No hard profanity. “Damn” and “Crap” and the occasional “Shit” shows up now and then, but that is about the limit of tolerance. This includes raid chat, guild chat, and even public chat. Whispers are private and rules can be agreed upon among themselves.
  • Respect and honor your guild mates and the guild. Simply put, don’t bash someone openly. If you are having a problem with a particular member, talk to an officer about it, or deal with it yourself privately with the other person. You wear the guild tag and represent each of us, so conduct yourself with respect an honor at all times.
  • Use proper grammar. Our tolerance of leet speak is very limited. We joke with it now and then, but using it as part of your normal chat is highly frowned upon. “i rly like ur guild can i join” — No.
  • No begging allowed, neither from members or other players on the server. We like to play the game too, so be thoughtful when asking for assistance. You will find our members are generous and often willing to help if they have the time. Asking is fine, whining or begging is not.
  • We are not a roleplay guild, we do not regularly schedule any roleplay events. However, we will not accept members with names that obviously violate the roleplay guidelines. We play on a roleplaying server and will abide by the roleplay server rules.
  • We have very few young kids in the guild (15 or younger). However there are a couple that rarely play. Just pay special attention to your subject matter in chat when they are present.

As we are mostly all adults, disciplinary actions are simple. Break the rules once you get warned…. Continue to break them, you will be removed from the guild.