Join Us

Silent Strike exists in many places. Many of our members have been playing together since Everquest, more than 15 years ago. In any game we’re playing, we’re a casual, mature, family-friendly guild and real life will always come first for us. The guild is made up of adults mostly over age 30, and we are experienced but casual players with an emphasis on questing and dungeons.

Right now, most of us are active in World of Warcraft. We play Alliance on the Wyrmrest Accord Server.  Currently WoW is our “main game”. Our play time is generally between 6pm-10pm CST.

We have some pretty simple rules:

  • Treat others as you like to be treated and respect your Guild mates and fellow players
  • No creating drama
  • We prefer to type in full words and sentences. Guild chat is PG-13 as much as possible as we have some younger family members that play.
  • While we are not a roleplay guild, we respect the rules of our roleplay server and others who may take part in active roleplay

Real life comes first for all of us. If you are looking for a big guild with lots of chatter, we may not be the guild for you. If you are a looking for a mature guild with a fun relaxed attitude, good organization and supportive, helpful players, Silent Strike might be for you.

If you’re looking to join us in WoW, look up Silent Strike on the in-game Guild Finder and send us a message or talk to any member. Most members have the ability to invite new people.