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    Good job on our first run at Ursoc last night!  Wowhead has a very thorough guide that I recommend you read.

    Like I said before we quit last night, we need to adjust our positioning for the Charge because it was the momentum debuff that was wiping us.  WoWhead has a good image that explains what we should be doing. First off, we should be tanking him next to the rear wall. Then we should have one spot in the middle where anyone who gets the Glare runs and we split the groups to either side of the bear (like we did last night).

    What needs to change is designation of the “soak groups”. It should work that Group 1 is the first to move in front of the bear for the first Glare/Charge, then Group 2 moves to the front for the 2nd Glare/Charge.  It doesn’t matter who the person is that has the Glare, that person should always run to the marked spot. They key is carefully alternating the groups to soak the Momentum each time.  Our mistake was if someone in Group 1 got the Glare, they ran behind Group 1 to soak it, but we ran into a few times where someone in Group 1 was chosen 2 times in a row, and therefore Group 1 got the debuff twice which instantly killed them.

    So, the way it will go – 1st Glare – Group 1 moves in front to soak, 2nd Glare – Group 2 moves in front to soak, 3rd Glare – Group 1 moves in front, 4th Glare – Group 2 moves in front, etc. I think with this little adjustment, we’ll get him!


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