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    Updated server to 244.4
    something about fixing rocket ammo



    Updated server to 244.5
    fixed an issue with armor being immune to guns



    Updated server to 244.7
    new save format should make server saves faster
    improved CPU usage

    In addition, I’ve maxed out server difficulty so you can see up to level 120 wild dinos.  If it’s too scary, let me know, I can roll it back.  I did NOT adjust tame times beyond the 10x we currently have. If you want that max level dino, it’s gonna take some time. I’ve also increased egg laying so it should happen a bit more often and bumped player xp from 2x to 3x.



    Current Version: v245.1

    * Fixed a server crash associated with Fishing

    * Fixed issue where carried Dinosaurs couldn’t attack

    * Fixed a server performance issue
    * TheCenter mega-update! (New Biomes, New Islands, New Caves & Creature Spawns, etc)

    * New Official Total Conversion: Primitive+, optimized, ‘completed’, and packaged as Free DLC

    * New Creature: Pelagornis!

    * New Creature: Allosaurus!

    * New Item: Fishing Rod + Fishing Mechanic! (Just Sap and Leech Blood
    baits for now, but many more baits will be added in the next day!)- New
    Structure: Large Ceiling Dino Doors (Particularly useful for Flyer

    * New Structure: Industrial Grinder: grinds items into a portion of
    their crafting resources, converts resources into simpler resources

    * New Structure: Spiral Staircase (Stone/Wood/Metal)

    * New Mechanic: Optional Hitmarkers for ranged attacks (server can
    toggle them, as well as client if the server allows it). Default
    enabled, “?AllowHitMarkers=false” to disable. Also, server crosshair is
    now enabled by default, “?ServerCrosshair=false” to disable. There are
    now client options to disable these effects locally as well.

    * Building Attack/Destruction TribeLogs

    * UI Option to colorize item name texts based on quality level.

    * Offline Raid Protection mode now disables PIN Locking, and Structures in Caves no longer get ORP.


    Updated to the most recent version this morning.

    Current Version: v245.7
    * Fixed various issues reported on TheCenter, and further optimized. Requires Server Update.
    * Rebalanced Fishing Rod loot table & scaling. Requires Server Update.
    * Made Carnivores not insta-harvest creatures that they kill, except for the Pelagornis and Beezlebufo as appropriate. Requires Server Update.



    Patched up the server this morning.  There were two more updates overnight.

    Current Version: v245.92
    * Fixed a crash that would occur with the Industrial Grinder. Requires Server Update.

    * Added optional launch command for severs to disable non-meat Fish Loot: -nofishloot Requires server update.
    * Clamped Fishing Rod Effectiveness to 500%. Requires server update.
    * Industrial Grinder now yields up to 100 items of a type per grind (rather than 50).Requires server update.
    * Fixed client-side memory stomp crash (W+F bug)


    Current Version: v245.93

    * Added “Wild Only” targeting setting for turrets. Requires Server Update.



    Current Version: v245.95

    * NVIDIA ANSEL support! How do we actually enable it however? Details
    shortly! (With the latest NVIDIA drivers, launch the game with
    ShooterGameBinariesWin64ARK_Ansel.bat, or us ethe new Steam Launch
    option, and then press Alt-F2 during singleplayer gameplay You can
    generate cool specialized screenshots with a roving camera, even
    super-rez and stereoscopic 3D / VR-ready. For Ansel, recommend 100%
    resolution scalar and no motion blur (those settings will tend to mess
    it up). WSAD to move the camera around in Ansel mode, click-drag to turn
    the camera. 

    * Fixed Sky rendering in VR mode

    * Fishing Rod can only be crafted 3 times from a Blueprint and can not
    be repaired, but Fishing Rod loot quality scale increased by 20%!
    Fishing is also less likely to yield rare resources. Requires server update.

    * Fixed bug with Scuba Tank durability decreasing too quickly on long-running servers.  Requires server update.

    * New Dev Kit Hooks: Mods can now Remove engrams from the game, as well
    as append additional Dinosaur spawns without having to completely
    override the Dinosaur spawn entries.  Requires server update.

    * TheCenter: Disabled jumping-puzzle reward loot for the time being.



    Current Version: v245.98
    * Fixed networking issue associated with ‘flickering’ / ‘detached’ Mounted Dinos. Requires Server Update.

    * Fixed getting stuck on rocks/geometry when pushed by Dinos. Improvements to Dinos & Bodies falling thru Floors. Requires Server Update.

    * Fixed character Ragdolls falling through the ground when dying. Requires Server Update.


    Current Version: v245.988
    * Fixed issue where “FastDecayUnsnappedCoreStructures” was affecting Tree Platforms.
    * Updated Primitive+, fixing numerous issues! May require Server update to retain compatibility with clients! Requires Server Update.
    * Changed Pillars back to the low-prevention radius they previously had.
    * New server option: “?FastDecayUnsnappedCoreStructures=true”, which will decay unsnapped foundations/pillars at 5x speed.
    Note: All official PvE servers now have “-AutoDestroyStructures”, to
    automatically demolish old structures, and
    “?FastDecayUnsnappedCoreStructures=true”. Official PvP servers only do
    this on Pillars, using “?OnlyDecayUnsnappedCoreStructures=true”.



    Updated to 245.989 – most of the changes have to do with PVP servers and don’t really apply to us, but we’re up to date.



    Updated to 246.2
    * Added 2 additional Player & Tamed Dino Levels. Requires Server Update.

    * Optimized Server Dino Status updating for performance gain. Requires Server Update.

    * Fixed a critical server and client performance issue! Immediate upgrade of all servers is highly recommended!

    * Fixed issue with losing Engrams on downloading Survivor via Cross-ARK Transfer.

    * Fixed insulation calculation bug that caused spontaneous death in some bases. Requires Server Update.

    * Fixed issue that was causing item tooltips not to appear in
    singleplayer mode (and thus the item management hotkeys not to work). 

    * Giganotosaurus no longer harvests wood.  Requires Server Update.

    * Poison Wyvern tertiary ‘C’ ground attack is now Wing-Flap Wind, not Snarl.  Requires Server Update.

    * Diseases no longer persist across Survivor cross-server travel.  Requires Server Update.

    * One-time Official PvE
    TheIsland Server rollback to fix deletion of bases around mountain
    no-build areas. Disabled use of mountain no-build areas on Official PvE.

    * Scorched Earth Expansion Integration!

    * Cross-ARK travel & Cross-Official-Server Transfer via Supply Crates & Obelis Terminals

    * New Structure: Large Ceiling Dino Doors (Stone, Metal, Adobe)

    * NVIDIA Ansel support (Launch ARK with the NVIDIA Ansel launch option
    (or -allowansel), Alt-F2 during singleplayer gameplay, and [Delete] in
    spectator mode to access Depth of Field menu!)



    Current Version: v246.41

    * Fixed issue where certain Mods would crash. Requires Server Update.

    * Fixed a server-side issue where servers could potentially lock-up when using the Fishing Rod. Requires Server Update.

    * Fixed issue where character could spontaneously get get knocked off ladder when climbing. Requires Server Update.

    * You can now (rarely) get rare mushrooms/rare-flowers on scorched
    earth from purple plants, and sickle now harvests from seed cactus.  Requires Server Update.

    * Whip now only has 25% chance to disarm players.  Requires Server Update.

    * Wyvern milk can no longer be put in refrigerators.  Requires Server Update.

    * Spiral stairs now have proper railing collision so you can’t accidentally walk-off the edge.  Requires Server Update.

    * Fixed Battleye disconnection issue when doing server survivor transfer

    * Changed Manticore Tribute cost to require only 10 wyvern talons per type, rather than 15.  Requires Server Update.

    * Antidote item can now be crafted with deathworm spikes alternatively instead of leech blood.  Requires Server Update.

    * Fixed Narcotics not working on Giganotosaurus, and possibly other Dinos.  Requires Server Update.



    It’s been a while since this thread was updated, but here’s the latest!  It looks like they dropped about 1/2 of the expected additions, including the dynamic bridges. =(   I only had a chance to update Center/Scorch so Primitive still needs updated.

    Current Version: v248.0
    – You can now wield your weapons when mount-riding certain Dinos. The ARK Box Art is for reals ;)
    – New Feature: Procedurally Generated ARKs! EXPERIMENTAL INITIAL TEST! Details for Hosting Dedicated PGARK Here:
    – New Mechanic: Explorer Notes
    – New Dino: Kaprosuchus!
    – New Dino: Diplocalus!
    – New Dino: Chalicotherium!
    – Render batching optimization for ~20% perf in structure-heavy areas
    – Tree Platforms now have +70% HP and +50% resistance to explosive damage
    – Neuter/Spay option for Tamed Dinos (irreversible!)
    – Radial Wheel Menu text size now scales with number of entries (to avoid Diplodocus overload, etc)
    – Spectators can now see player-talking moving lips & hear voice chat when in range
    – Fixed player collisions onto big dino ragdolls

    Non-Drop-In Supply Crates (Cave/Underwater crates etc) no longer have
    decreasing Health over time (no longer autodestroy), but they can also
    not accept Inventory anymore and can not be used to generate Boss
    Tribute Portals.
    – System to completely add/subtract/override all Map
    NPC Spawners via INI (highly useful for PGM spawn tweaking). Fully Mod
    NPC compatible as well! Details here:

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