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    What is LethalStrike?  Noob and I played way too long on Sunday!  But not getting on as much as we’d like.  What’s the highest level at this point in the game?  We’re in our 40’s now at this point.  He’s taken a break on the ginormous tower and was working on a fancy raft.  We always manage to DC when on the raft and have to find our bodies or dinos again!  LOL



    LethalStrike is an HFC member that’s joined our server ;) He made his base way up in the northeast.

    It’s probably Baline around level 75 that’s the highest. I honestly couldn’t tell you what level I am right now.  I don’t really pay attention and just build stuff, LOL.

    Rafts are still a little glitchy.  I find the most important thing is to not run into rocks as they will often collide with you or the dinos and dump you off the raft.  There should be a big patch tomorrow that promises more server stability and speed improvements so maybe that won’t be so much of a problem.



    Nah the disconnections for us have been our own stupid internet.  Can’t do anything about it!  And always seems to happen when we’re on a raft exploring.  LOL  It’s really frustrating!  Noob made what looks like a party pole barn on a raft so far.  LOL  He’s having lots of fun building which is leveling him faster than me.  I have been going off exploring while he builds.  Exploring doesn’t provide as much XP!  I think Noob has run into the raft sizing limits though as he keeps finding he has to destroy stuff to replace the thatch bits with wood.  He always does thatch to shape and then wood to replace thus far.  Seems like too much extra work but he has been pretty creative!  Maybe he’ll finish that darn tower when he finishes the boat.  LOL



    I bumped the structure limit to 2 (from 1.5) so you should be able to get a big more on a raft.



    woohoo! I can finally build the “Titanic”.  :)



    Noob’s is called the SS Minnow.  LOL



    Current server version is 243.5

    Released – 25 June, 2016

    Requires Server Update:

    • Fixed Beaver Dams (they weren’t spawning)
    • Fixed Manta Taming
    • Fixed Obelisk Terminal activation collision
    • Fixed Server Primitive Engrams INI to contain Rope Ladders


    Thank you Egan for this update. I didn’t know there was a bug with the beaver dams. I thought because we needed 600 cementing paste we all had been raiding every one we could find.



    Current Version: v243.6

    * Properly added 2 more max-levels (XP limit) to Players and DInos.

    * Fixed longstanding multiplayer issue where weapons often wouldn’t
    correctly auto-reload when switching to them if previously out-of-ammo.

    * Fixed an issue where Dinos could get stuck in a Fleeing state forever.

    * Improved Terror Bird spawns (not so many).

    * Tree Platform now requires Holding Demolish option for 6 seconds to
    activate the Demolish option.
    Because Demolishing Tree Platforms can
    instantly take down an entire Tree Base, it should be a little more
    time-consuming to ensure that’s the desired selection.

    In addition I finally took the time necessary to eliminate the Alpha dino from the server (it required manual editing of the game.ini file and entering a replacement for the alphas – so regular version of that dino will spawn instead of alphas now)



    Current server version is 243.8

  • Fixed longstanding issue with Platform Saddle Structure Snapping (particularly with Pillars) being unreliable.
  • Fixed issue with creating side-snapped floating pillars.


  • Fixed erroneous demolition of snapped Pillars