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    *this is not a gripe or complaint just a narrative lol*
    LOL twice tonight I got caught.  Both times were awful.  I decided to try my 195 pteradon out in the world scar.  Managed to snag an egg to have it just spoil soon as I picked it up.  Tried again same thing.  I figured no big deal its good practice.  Try for a third time and a sandstorm blows in as soon as 3 wyverns chase me.  Both me and mount die.
    Then I decided to try and find a deathworm with my 281 direbear.  After 45 minutes of searching I finally find one.  The fight gets the deathworm rather bloody but bear was at half health so I decide to play it safe and run.  Wrong!  Sandstorm attack….can’t out run the worm and I lose the bear.  I will miss Snykers, I’ll have to go back to center and try to find a replacement.
    Moral of the story, sandstorms suck!  I guess I should have brought a jereboa with me ;)


    Oh man, that sounds painful! I think I’ll keep to the moist green forests of the Center.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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