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    UPDATE: Server names have been fixed!  SilentStrike is the Center map, and 2|SilentStrike is the Scorched Earth map!  Now you can see both at the same time in the in-game browser (not sure about Steam’s browser).

    The Status of our Cluster Server
    • Has Saleny’s The Center map along with all characters and structures there.
    • Has Dharkamen’s Scorched Earth map along with all characters and structures there.
    Your Character(s)
    If you never had a character on Dharkamen’s Scorched Earth server, you can skip to the next section.
    You will need to decide which character you want to keep, either the one on Scorched Earth, or the one on the Center.  Which ever one you don’t keep will be gone forever.
    • If you want to keep your Center character, log in to the Center map first, and transfer to Scorched Earth, overwriting your existing character there.
    • If you want to keep your Scorched Earth character, log in to the Scorched Earth map first, and transfer to the Center, overwriting your existing character there.
    How to Move Between Maps
    • Log into the map where your character is at.
    • Go to an Obelisk, for The Center, blue obelisk by the main base is easiest.  For Scorched Earth, red obelisk is easiest by Dhark’s base.
    • Click the Obelisk then click Transfer to another Ark button on the top right.
    • It will show the server list, with the other server shown.
    • Click Join w/Survivor button at the bottom.
    • At this point it will ask for the server password.  You don’t even need to enter it, the transfer is already done!
    • Just close the password window, then hit ESC to close the Obelisk window.
    • At this point you will have no UI whatsoever; so hit ESC and exit to the main menu.
    • Join the other server you just transferred to.
    • You will be presented with the spawn window; just pick a region or ideally a safe bed to spawn at and click Spawn Survivor button at the bottom.  Note: If you don’t see any beds on the spawn map, your tribe membership is probably screwed up, spawn somewhere and get someone to invite you to the tribe.
    • On rare occasions it might show the create character interface.  If this happens, click the Download Survivor button on the bottom right and hopefully the character will show up that way.
    There you have it, you just moved to the other server!  Some things to be aware of:
    • You will keep all equipped items.
    • You will keep all items in your inventory.
    • You might have the “health bug” where your health isn’t showing, might have to exit the game and relog.
    Moving Dinos Around
    Unlike what is officially claimed, you can move dinos from The Center to Scorched Earth map and visa versa.   Here’s how you do it:
    • Take the dinos you want to transfer to an obelisk.  You can transfer multiple at once.
    • Remove all saddles and items you want to keep!  The dino will lose all equipment and inventory.
    • Click on the obelisk.
    • Click on Transfer Ark Data button in the top center.
    • Click on Upload Creature Data button.
    • Select the dinos you want to transfer.  If you don’t see it in the list, it might not be close enough to the obelisk.
    • Click on Upload
    • The dino has now disappeared from the world.  Most likely you want to transfer yourself next via the steps above.
    Imagine at this point your dinos are stored “in the cloud”.  They aren’t on any server.

    To Retrieve Dinos
    • Go to an obelisk.
    • Click on the obelisk.
    • Click on Transfer Ark Data button in the top center.
    • Click on Download Creature Data button.
    • Any creatures you previously uploaded should be in the list here.
    • Select the ones you want and click Download
    • They should appear in the world beside you!
    The Quirks to be Aware Of…
    • Your character is immediately uploaded soon as you hit the Join w/Survivor button.  No need to do anything further, just exit.
    • The Tribute inventory slots on the obelisk seem to be bugged or broken.  I can’t get them to work.  Just carry anything you want to bring in your inventory.

    Any questions you know where to find me!


    So … I’m still having issues seeing both servers at the same time.  If The Center pops up, it switches to 2|SilentStrike shortly after the list populates. This is through the in-game browser.



    Yeah, now that I’m seeing it at home, its definitely still got issues.  The repeated Refresh trick still works though.  So weird.  I think the in-game browser is buggy; they definitely have different names, but only one of them shows up at a time.



    Looks like it is working as it should this evening.  Yay!



    Anyone have an issue losing items doing this?  I moved between severs and lost a qwetz saddle.  I thought maybe I had left it on the qwetz so went back and made another one.  I didn’t even equip it and transferred and it once again vanished from my inventory.



    We lost a pteranadon saddle, but we hadn’t taken it off of the bird when we uploaded it.  As for personal inventory items, I haven’t seen anything go missing yet.



    Thank you :) I know the 2nd time I had tried the qwetz saddle was in my inventory. Its not a huge deal just was curious if it had happened to others.



    I tried it again tonight and when I transfered lost my rifle, 50+ tranq darts, pick, hatchet, pike and all of my armor.  I think anything you are wearing or have on your hotbar may get lost that isn’t a consumable.  My Walls I had on the hotbar did survive the transfer.

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