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    Now that we’ve got keys for most everyone (if you still aren’t keyed, please let us know and we’ll get you through it!) I’m trying to figure out how we can form dungeon groups for Karazhan.

    I hate leaving people out, and it is a 5-man dungeon that really cannot be done in one night as of yet. In our first attempt we cleared one of the 9 bosses. The trash in that place is NO JOKE. It is possible to extend the lockout of the dungeon for up to 2 weeks (I believe).

    The other dilemma is how do we work this in with our raids as again, Karazhan really is a time commitment that sort of needs to be scheduled in advance.

    Is there a night of the week (or weekend) that is good for most people? Do we form static groups (that could even run it on different nights), but those groups make a commitment (within reason due to real life) to get together and run the dungeon on a semi-regular basis until everyone’s cleared it?

    Any ideas. What would work for you?



    Thursday night seems to be a semi-official guild night, so maybe that is a good night to start. For some of the East Coast folks, perhaps one group could start at 5:00 or so? It sounds like a 2 hour commitment might be needed. I would like staggered nights or a weekend time, since I do have 2 toons that would like to go. If we decided on a weekend, Sunday afternoons would be best for me,. 



    Any night besides Tuesdays is a good night for me.  :)



    Thursdays are probably fine for me!  Noob is not keyed yet though and still needs at least 2 of the mythics.  Possibly Saturday nights but depends on what is going on around here.  =-)  Like this coming Saturday we will be out of town.



    Thursdays would work, but I’d probably only do two nights a week for raids/runs. For me anyways. Kiddo plays his games too 



    Thursdays will work for me, too. Tree is keyed and has quests to do in Kara. I’d also at least like to get Portabella (mage) keyed so she can pick up the tailoring pattern there.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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