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    It looks like we might have enough players to take on the Emerald Nightmare on our own.

    Here’s the guide for the first boss, Nythendra http://www.wowhead.com/guides/nythendra-raid-strategy
    It looks like there’s some tricky trash too. Lots of exploding poison and stuff, whee!
    We’ll shoot for taking down Nythendra tonight – she’ll be the tactics and gear check to go further.



    I’m hoping to get there soon.  What is needed more, dps, tanks, heals?  Loving my vengeance DH so far but been saving my artifact power until I found out what was needed for runs.



    We’ve got a pretty good number of people geared for tanking and dps. Healers are always useful, but play what you like.

    Thanks for the fun last night folks! We made really good progress, I think we just need to be more precise with our positioning strategies and we’ll get her!



    Congrats on downing Nythendra!  It’s been recommended that our next target be Il’gynoth.  Be sure to take some time to read up on the fight and strategies http://www.wowhead.com/ilgynoth-strategy-guide



    Here’s the link the Elerethe long version guide from FatbossTV




    Re-posting the link to the Il’gynoth guide on WoWhead http://www.wowhead.com/ilgynoth-strategy-guide

    Some things to note:

    There’s also a very handy chart that tells when and where the tentacles spawn for the 2nd phase 1.

    Second Phase 1 Spawn Times

    1 0:05 Dominator Tentacle 2 In center of area
    2 0:30 Deathglare Tentacle 2 Near Eye
    3 0:55 Corruptor Tentacle 3 Far right
    4 1:40 Nightmare Horror 1 Center of area
    5 2:00 Deathglare Tentacle 2 Left of Eye
    6 2:15 Corruptor Tentacle 2 Far left

    I think the key to success is managing the “Spew Corruption” especially on the 2nd Phase 1 and timing the kills on the tentacles to get just the right number of ichor. If you get corruption on you, run out to the edge (it pulses 4 times) then back in even if you’re fixated by an ichor. Having corruption in front of the eye is problematic. Kill priority always has to go to the Corruptor tentacles.



    I noticed in the video that the Ichors are not killed “as they spawn” but are kited around and then brought to the eye all at once to be killed. I had not been doing that, but taking them and trying to kill right away. They also mentioned that they can be CC’d in many different ways. After watching the video, my cheers go to the healers in this raid!



    So, here’s what I think we should do to adjust tactics a bit:

    First phase 1 is working pretty well – just need to pay a bit more attention to the Corruption. If you get Spew corruption on you, run to the edge of the area, it will pulse 4 times dropping 4 puddles, then run back in. If you have an ichor chasing you… just kite it along. It will not damage you that much in the time it takes the corruption to drop off. We REALLY have to keep corruption out of the area in front of the Eye as much as possible.

    Second Phase 1 (after we exit the tree) – Kill tentacles in the order they spawn until the Nightmare Horror spawns. Focus all dps on the Horror (provided other tentacles are dead w/exception of the 2 Deathglare that spawn 20 secs after the horror). Once horror dies, we should be at 19 ichor. Skip killing the Deathglare and go for the Corruptor Tentacles that will spawn, that will bring us to 21 ichor (1 more than we need). Kill those at the eye and run in.

    We’ll also try to collect ichors and aoe them in groups if at all possible so DPS doesn’t have to stop to kill ichors.  It’d go something like > Kill 2 Dominators – 8 ichors spawn, kill the group > kill Deathglares & Corruptors – 6 ichors spawn, kill the group > Kill Horror –  4 ichor spawn, kill the group. Don’t stop to just kill one or 2, if you are getting damage, use stuns, slows or kite them around if possible.



    Here’s the video guide from FatBossTV for Cenarius

    And here’s the guide from WoWhead http://www.wowhead.com/cenarius-strategy-guide

    I think we’ve begun to understand the Cleansing and the nightmare spawns. Now we need to get a little more strategic as to which adds to kill first and where to position them. We probably also want to keep some dps on Cenarius himself so he’s closer to the 35% health mark once the waves of adds are over.



    Here’s the Icy Veins guide http://www.icy-veins.com/wow/cenarius-strategy-tactics-normal-heroic

    There’s a couple interesting things. They talk of tanking Cenarius through phase 1 in the center and dragging him over to the point where the next cleansing needs to happen, then the Add tank pulls the adds away from Cenarius (not the other way around as we have been doing)

    They also mention just leaving Malfurion in the Entangling roots because Cenarius will die before Malfurion does.

    It may be we need to change up from focusing so much dps on the adds and pour a whole lot more into Cenarius.  As a healer I can say that it would be easier if we can keep the raid more together. There’s not a lot of raid-wide damage, it’s mostly single target.



    Here’s the bitesize version video for Xavius. We got so close! I think we just need to understand the mechanics of being in the Dream vs. not in the Dream and we’ll get this!

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