More than Free to Play for Wildstar this Fall

There’s a great article on about some of the additional changes coming with the Free to Play move by Wildstar this fall.  They will be implementing dungeons at a lower level, completely revamping the stat system and adding neighborhoods to the housing.   Neighborhoods will allow up to 5 players to connect their housing plots with a common area in between.  Stats will be simplified to 4 main stats – health, armor, attack power and support power (much simpler to understand than Moxie, Vigor etc), but stats can also be refined with sub-stats.  The first dungeon will be at level 15 and new dungeons will be available every 5 levels from there.  There will also be a loyalty program with goodies for folks that bought the game, were subscribers etc.

The Circle is Too Small!

Just FYI, we discovered last night that there is actually a character limit to how many folks you can add to a Circle in Wildstar. To help that, we’ve also created a private chat channel so we can still keep in touch if you don’t happen to be added to the Circle.  So, to keep up on alliance happenings be sure the /chjoin HammerStrike next time you’re in game.

Chat commands are:

  • chjoin /chjoin [channelname] [channelpassword] – joins a specified channel
  • chleave /chleave [channelname|channelnumber] – leaves the specified channel
  • chlist /chlist [channelname|channelnumber] – lists the members of the specified channel
  • 1 /1, /2, /3, /4, /5, … – commands for accessing custom chat channels after using /chjoin

The Strain! First Wildstar Ultra Drop

strainAs we were discussing in guild chat last night, here’s the reason for a subscription based game.  Incoming! The Strain! The first major content patch for Wildstar.  The patch will include 2 new zones full of single player, 5 man and 20 man content and some really cool challenges.

From the MMORPG article

Jeremy reiterated the studio’s stance that they’ll be releasing a brand new content drop every 4-6 weeks, to make sure that players are getting their subscription dollars.  He wasn’t so bold to promise new content every 28 days, but he did say that Drop 1 was feature complete before launch, and that Drop 2 was damned close as well, with Drop 3 in final stages.  About 33% of the team is currently working on new content for the Drops, and as the launch stuff settles down that’ll become about 50%.

There’s more good articles at Massively and ZAM.  No date has been set for the patch, but look for more info over the next 2 weeks and expect the patch near (or on) July 2.