TUG Alpha Starts Monday

tug If you were one of the people that helped to fund the Kickstarter for TUG and contributed enough to gain Alpha Access, your wait will soon be over.  TUG will begin it’s first Alpha testing phase on Monday July 15 .  You should receive your invitations later in the day.

Word from reliable sources is that this is truly the very beginning of Alpha stages, so don’t expect a complete game.  Right now alpha testers will mostly be interacting with the environment, moving, scaling, rotating and placing world blocks (think Creative Mode Minecraft).  There are guaranteed to be bugs, but I’m very excited to see this beautiful new world.

If you missed out on the Kickstarter, you can still get in on Alpha access via PayPal directly from the Nerdkingdom Website. They have a great twin pack deal that gets you 2 copies of the game with alpha access so you can share it with someone.

For Science!

We have a meetin’ with destiny lads!

Congratulations Silent Strike on our first Heroic encounter in Icecrown Citadel.  With Jarak having returned to the guild, victorious in his previous defeat of Arthas. we were able to turn on Heroic mode for the Gunship Encounter.  The rest of us have to get busy and kill that whiny undead prince, so we have more chances to turn on Heroic on some of the easier encounters. Congrats Smu on finally getting that axe too!