Wardrobe Changes in Rift

Fashionistas rejoice!  Rift will be instituting some major wardrobe overhauls with Patch 3.2.  Now all the armor that enters your inventory is “unlocked” as a wardrobe piece.  Your bank is about to get a whole bunch of room, because all those wardrobe pieces you’ve been holding on to will be unlocked for wardrobe use and then you can sell or discard.  This system is very similar to the system in Wildstar.  Now if only we could get it in World of Warcraft!

You can read all the details on the Rift Site

Storm At Sea – Patch 3.1 January 28

The latest content patch for Rift arrives January 28.  This patch will include a new continent full of quests, a new 20-man raid, a new 2-man Chronicle, new Planar Attunement abilities, changes to minions, dimensions and upgrade costs.

You can check out previews on the official Rift Blog

Arclight Ascendancy Week

Win yourself a new Arclight Rider Mount this week through gaining chests from completed quests in Moonshade Highlands.  RiftGrate has an excellent guide.  The only chance you have of getting the mount this week is through special Treasure Troves that you can earn from completing the event quests.  The event quests also give you currency that you can eventually use to buy the mount outright from the PCI vendor, however it is not possible to earn enough in this week to do so.  This will be like the other special promo-mount weeks (budgies, unicorns, etc.) that repeat every so often so you will have additional chances at currency to buy the mount.