The Nightmare Lord is Dead!

Congratulations on downing Xavius (in one shot no less!) last night! We’ve now cleared the Emerald Nightmare as a guild. It’s been great to see the team come together and get our raiding “legs” under us again! As we discussed, I’ll be putting Emerald Nightmare on the Monday night raid calendar until everyone’s gotten the Essences of Clarity and other things they need for their artifacts. In theory, we should start to be able to clear the zone in one night. Trial of Valor will go on the Tuesday night calendar.

Cenarius Defeated!

Congratulations on downing Cenarius! One more boss and we will have conquered The Emerald Nightmare. This week starts a fresh instance, so we’ll be starting with Nythendra and see how many bosses we can get through in one night. Start reading about Trial if Valor!

Il’gynoth is Down!

It’s been a banner week for Silent Strike in Emerald Nightmare. One-shot kills on Nythendra, Ursoc & the Dragons of Nighmare and our first kill on Il’gynoth. Only Elerethe Renferal stands in the way of Cenarius and Xavius. With luck we’ll face Cenarius next Monday for the first time.

I’m also adding Karazhan/Mythics on Thursday nights here and there, be sure to check the guild calendar!