Silent Strike to the Rescue

Valithria DreamwalkerLast night, Silent Strike freed one of Ysera’s trusted companions, the dragon Valithria Dreamwalker, from the clutches of the Lich King’s minions.  Our next target is the wicked vampire Blood Queen Lana’thel.  It was a great week, clearing the first two wings in one night and discovering we can reliably kill enemies like Professor Putricide and the Blood Princes with little issue.

We have 3 bosses left!  Arthas, I think you should start packing your bags to leave now.  Highlord Bolvar, hang in there! We’re coming!

Farewell, My Prince(s)

Blood Prince Council

Congratulations Silent Strike on our first kill of the Blood Prince Council on July 26.  We also made some great progress on Professor Putricide and Valithria Dreamwalker.  Arthas should be getting worried about now!