ARK Server Has Been Shut Down

Due to the drop in the number of active players, I have decided to shut down the ARK: Survival Evolved Server. I backed up all the servers and can provide the backups to anyone who might want them. Just post a comment here and I can put them up for you to download.

ARK Server being changed

I received an email from our server hosts today notifying me that our server is being moved to a new machine. This is because they are moving us to newer, updated hardware, which is a good thing. I will try to post a notification here as soon as I know when things might go down. I’ve backed up the .ini files so will re-upload them once the move is done. The IP and Port number will likely change and I will post as soon as I know and update the banners on the home page.

Here’s the content of the email:

We are writing you this email to inform you that your game server is being transferred to a new machine.

What data is preserved in the transfer:

  •  For ARK customers your SavedArk data (all of your characters, tribes, world data for any map you’ve played before), any changes made in Modify Server Config tool, etc.
  •  For ARK customers your Game.ini & GameUserSettings.ini manual changes made via FTP will NOT be transferred due to the overwhelming complexity involved
  •  All settings set via the control panel interface
  •  For non-ARK customers we will make our best effort to transfer all save data, config, and some basic logs (and any mods you may have had less than 1GB in size)

When will the transfer take place?

Wednesday, October 12th through Friday, October 14th – you will see a Staff Intervention Lock on your game server at some point during this time period. During this lock period, your game server could be inaccessible for several hours while your data is being backed up, transferred, and started up.

Why is my game server being transferred?

Outdated server replaced with new hardware. Requires IP:Port change.

Hardware issue, prolonged network/datacenter issue, or outdated servers being replaced are the most frequent reasons.