Silent Strike is a player organization originally formed in 2000 in the MMORPG Everquest.  Our guiding principle has always been that real life always comes first and while we participate in raids and end-game activities, we are a casual, family friendly guild.  Friendship and mutual respect for one another is what has kept us together through various games for over 10 years.  While I wasn’t the original founder of the guild in Everquest, I was leader there for 5 years and brought the guild and many of it’s core members to World of Warcraft in 2004.  You’ll find us playing lots of other MMOs and games via Steam.

We are a family-friendly mostly casual guild.  We tackle all the endgame content we can, but will never be a hard-core raiding guild.  Our members have a long range of experience in all aspects of MMOs and actively participate in crafting, questing, dungeons, raiding and some PVP. We have a long history together and always welcome friendly, like-minded individuals who are looking for a guild where they will be respected, no matter how often they play, what gear they wear or their level of skill at playing the game.

~Elowynn/Saleny/Haelena –  Guild Leader of Silent Strike


We are most active between 5pm and 11pm EST

Voice Chat

We use Mumble for voice chat.  See in-game guild information for details.

Faction leadership

Ellowynne – World of Warcraft – Alliance side – Wyrmrest Accord Server

Moofasa – World of Warcraft – Horde Side – Wyrmrest Accord Server