Cross ARK Travel Now Possible

Thanks to our server hosts at SurvivalServers and generous hosting donations from LethalStrike and Baline, we have upgraded our original ARK:Survival Evolved server to a cluster server. What that means is that we can now travel from The Center to Scorched Earth and back at will. You must have purchased the ARK:Scorched Earth expansion to be able to play on the Scorched Earth map.

What has been done is the map from Dharkamen’s Scorched Earth server has been copied to the new cluster, so if you were playing on that server, it is now stopped and inactive and you’ll have to access it through our original server. All of our toons, buildings and dinos are there. He’ll be shutting down that server altogether once he’s sure everything is running fine.

Initial tests show that you can travel with all your gear and upload/download dinos in both directions (from Center to SE and from SE to Center).  Your tribe status remains with each server.

It’s all a little complicated and there are still some bugs, particularly with the server names in the Steam favorites list. Dhark has posted a pretty thorough guide on our forums HERE

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