ARK Server is Back – Important Change Info – Please Read!

Again, I apologize for the full day of downtime on the ARK server.  Apparently there was an issue with the data center where our server is hosted.  The server came back up for less than an hour this afternoon and then crashed again (thanks for letting me know, Chris!). So, I’ve gone ahead and moved us from the North Carolina data center to the New York one.  I restored the last backup on Saturday night, so you may have lost some work (or maybe even dinos you tamed/hatched). If so, I’m very sorry, but it’s the best that can be done.

You may have to re-search in Steam to find the server.  It is still under SilentStrike, the server password is still : ssrules.

If you cannot find the server in the list, you can also click this link steam://connect/

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  1. Sal, we aren’t angry with you. We are “disappointed” with the people who host the server. Us guildies are a resourceful people, we played on other servers together until thing could be corrected. We got to try out Primitive + and servers that had all the mods installed. As for the roll back, for some of us it was the best thing that could happen and for others, just a little more work but all good. Hoping all is well on this move, see you in-game.

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