Legion Pre-Expansion Patch is Almost Here

477521While they aren’t giving us a date, Blizzard has posted some tidbits on the forums about the pre-expansion patch that is apparently imminent (20gb on the background downloader this week – so we should see it soon).

The patch will include early access to some of the major features of Legion including:

  • Transmogrification Updates – if you’re familiar with the wardrobe system from Rift, we’ll be getting something similar with WoW. No more storing all those pieces of armor, they will just become part of a collection that you can then use to transmog your gear
  • Class Changes – they are making a lot of changes to classes, including allowing you to learn all the talent trees and swap between them easily
  • Demon Hunter early access – they say no later than Aug. 17 will people who pre-ordered Legion be able to start playing Demon Hunters
  • Demon Invasions – All of Azeroth will see the Burning Legion attempt to take over

As soon as there’s a final date, I’ll update this post. (Reddit rumors are saying the 19th…)

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