Black Desert Online – Dabbling in a new world

Black Desert OnlineI guess a few of us have started to dabble in the amazing sandbox that is Black Desert Online

I’m not usually a fan of the Korean-style MMO, but BDO is unlike anything I’ve ever played.  There are a couple of drawbacks that make it more of a solo game in that there are no dungeons, no raids and the endgame is all PVP for the most part.  It’s also the reason I don’t see us leaving SWtOR if we want to do things together in groups like raiding.

The combat is NOT for the faint of heart. There are no or very few hot-keys for abilities.  Instead your combat moves require you to use a combination of mouse and keyboard clicks in sequence to achieve the desired spells or attacks.  It is very, VERY active combat, much more so than even Wildstar. XP only comes from combat kills. Questing gets you no XP, instead quest rewards are weapons, armor, bag slots(very important!) and knowledge.

However, if you love crafting, fishing and housing. Black Desert is an amazing game.  The gathering and crafting system is incredibly in depth. I’m also obsessed with the Amity system.  Amity is something you build up with NPCs in the various towns and villages and the more you have the more they will give you, the more quests they will have and some will even have special shops you can only access at the right Amity level. You can have pets that loot for you, horses, carts, and boats.  I could go on and on.

If you’re interested, I know we have a few 7 day trial keys available, so let me know and I’ll see who might still have one.  If you decide to just take the plunge, it is recommended you buy the $29.99 Travelers Pack and then spend $20 in the cash store, rather than spend the $50 on the Explorers Pack as you can actually get more for your money that way.

We are on the Edan server, usually the Balenos 1 channel (don’t worry if it says the server is overrun, we’ve never had trouble getting in).

My family name is Sharpclaw (usually playing Thessalie a Witch)
Libation’s family name is Burningbright (currently playing Falcanna a Valkyrie)

OH and you’ll need this STUFF ABOUT BDO (I’ve never had to do so much research to learn a game since Everquest)

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  1. I really want to play this game. However, I’m worried about that xigncode3 anti-cheat stuff that the game installs. I heard that it’s problematic. That’s why I uninstalled Blade & Soul and had to go through my system to get their anti-cheat program GameGuard off of my system because it stayed even after I uninstalled the game.

  2. I haven’t run into any problems with the Xigncode app that I’ve noticed. I also completely shut down the game when I quit instead of staying logged in and doing AFK fishing or something. GameGuard was a flat out rootkit, I don’t think the Xigncode thing is nearly as obtrusive.

  3. Ok cool. I’m leaning more towards getting it now. What did you mean when you said it’s recommended to buy the traveler’s pack and spend $20 in the cash store? Is it important to buy something from the cash store or could I just get the traveler’s pack?

  4. Based on my own experience, the cash shop gets you a pet + leaves you with enough to buy some inventory expansion slots or additional pets (you can have up to 3 active). Pets loot for you and different pets have special abilities (cats find gathering nodes, dogs find PVP players, hawks find special mobs). While the Traveler’s Pack comes with a pet and a horse, the inventory space for me was the most important thing as I’ve become a crafting junkie. You will be given a donkey in Velia around level 12 or so and can tame your own horse at level 20. (the Traveler’s packs horses are all male as well – if you eventually want to breed horses for higher tiers, you’ll need a female horse at some point). You don’t want a mount right away, anyway because you need to build stamina and the only way to do that is walk/run. You can also build your own furniture, although I recommend using one of the Decor items on a chandelier of some sort as the residences are extremely dark without one and lighting is not easy to find.
    OMG this game is so complex! The blackdesertonline subReddit is a wealth of information and has been my go-to source.

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