Silent Strike Has A Stronghold!

swtor-nar-shaddaa-sky-palaceThanks to Falconwing, Silent Strike is now the proud owner of a luxurious Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace!  Of course it’s a little barren of decor right now, so if you have some spare credits or spare decorations lying around that you’d like to contribute, please do so!  Feel free to add decor as you see fit (everyone should have the ability to add and move decor items, if not let Falc know!).

There are 2 ways to donate items to the Guild Stronghold.  THIS ARTICLE covers both options. There’s a tab explaining donating bind on use items and also a tab that explains purchasing copies of items you already have bound. If you’ve got spare crafting mats and want to make Prefab units to donate, that works too.

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