Knights of the Fallen Empires – Chapter 10 coming February 11

chapter10The next chapter in the Fallen Empires adventures will be released on February 11.  We’ll get to meet a new ally (or an old friend if you’re an Imperial Agent), the Firebrand (aka. Kaliyo) and we’ll finally get to see the result of the choices we’ve made so far. Some of those choices may result in death and tragedy!

Chapter 10 is bringing an increase in Crafting Level to 550 and craftable mods up to item level 208. We’ll also get to see our little Jawa buddy Blizz and his new crew on Hoth and be able to recruit him to our alliance.

Many of us have been working our way through the destruction of all the Zakuul Star Fortresses, so if you need help to finish up the Star Fortresses before Chapter 10, please ask!

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