Quality of Life Improvements in Rift

Based on the most recent Dev. Diary from Rift, we can look forward to some fun and useful changes coming to Dimensions, Minions and Crafting.

For Dimension enthusiasts, we’ll finally get a “Free Camera” button that will allow us to basically leave our character’s body and float freely within our dimension to place and adjust items.  I can think of a million times I wished I could do this in my Moonshade Pools dimension while trying to build a staircase down to the bottom of the waterfalls. We’ll also be able to set custom permissions to specific people to allow them to add/remove/change items in our dimensions.

We’ll soon be able to shuffle our minion adventures.  Is your faction maxed and you’d rather have a gathering adventure?  Just shuffle that stack to get a new mission (shuffle will cost adventurine or credits and the cost increases with each shuffle but resets daily).

We will also soon have the ability to mark specific crafting recipes as favorites.  This should save some time when making items you make often.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing these changes with patch 3.1 that should arrive early February, if not sooner.

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