Arclight Ascendancy Week

Win yourself a new Arclight Rider Mount this week through gaining chests from completed quests in Moonshade Highlands.  RiftGrate has an excellent guide.  The only chance you have of getting the mount this week is through special Treasure Troves that you can earn from completing the event quests.  The event quests also give you currency that you can eventually use to buy the mount outright from the PCI vendor, however it is not possible to earn enough in this week to do so.  This will be like the other special promo-mount weeks (budgies, unicorns, etc.) that repeat every so often so you will have additional chances at currency to buy the mount.

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  1. Just a quick note on this one. There are 2 quests to do. 1 ride the bike through a specified path and the other kill 10 mobs (have to mentor down to lvl 30 in kill them in scarlet gorge). It’ll take you 10-15 minutes per toon and really suggest if you can dig the time up you take the few minutes to log in just to do it. Save the chest for lvl 65 if you can hold the suspense of not knowing what you’ve won :) I received a nice lesser and a nice pair of gloves, at a point where we are all trying to gear up this is a 15 minute shot at a piece of armor (yea I’d rather have the mount but i know my luck sucks…)The box is unfortunately bound to your character but if you get armor /etc it is bound to account. – Stuey

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