Candy Barbarian Arrives in Trove

Today’s patch adds a new playable class in Trove, the Candy Barbarian as well as a new Candy biome to explore.  The Candy Barbarian joins the other player classes – Knight, Gunslinger, Fae Trickster, Neon Ninja & Dracolyte.  You can change your class at any time buy purchasing the new classes with credits or in-game coin.  Each time you start a class, it begins at level one, but you never lose your progress on your previous class and can swap back at any time keeping your progress with each class.

The Candy Barbarian has some fun class abilities including:

  • Gum Drop (Passive): When you hit (or are hit by) enemies, you’ll spill candy on the ground. Scoop it up for sweet boosts to health or speed!
  • Vanilla Swirlwind: Spin like a cotton candy machine gone berserk, striking all enemies within range.
  • Sugar Crash: Launch into the air and crashes down on your target with devastating force.
  • Eis-Crom Cone (Ultimate): Invoke the powers of Eis-Crom, god of all things candy, to waylay your foes with an exploding ice cream cone of terror!

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