So Long, Wildstar

esper_logo_mbI just wanted to formally let everyone know that I have cancelled my Wildstar subscription.  It will run out on November 3, but I don’t envision myself playing much if at all between now and then.  I have been closely following the discussions from the Carbine Devs and after today’s State of the Game post, I am convinced that it will be several months at the very least before there are real quality of life changes to keep a “filthy casual” like me in the game.

I’m really sad about this.  Everything started off with so much promise.  Wildstar still has a lot going for it, but if 20-man ‘hardcore’ raiding every night of the week isn’t your end goal (and for me it just can’t be) there’s so little to keep players motivated to play.  Unlike Rift, where you can still gear up and achieve end-game goals as a casual, even a solo player, Wildstar requires steady groups, grinding a handful of dungeons, and a lot of time.  The combat is a blast, the housing is awesome, the crafting is interesting, the storyline is really cool, but…there’s just something missing and I cannot justify the $15/month.

I have already changed all Wildstar guild members to have the ability to invite guild members.  If there is anyone that plans to continue playing, I will happily had over guild leadership as well.  Who knows, in 6 months, I might be back, but for now, Nexus will have to continue without Tygerlily.

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