Rift – Faeblight Server Rollback

Flintfireforge had asked me what happened to the progress he made on his character. I thought I should post on here for anyone who might not know what happened. Here is the post from Daglar, the Executive Producer of Rift:

Last night at roughly 4:00 AM pacific we experienced a hardware outage on the following shards: Faeblight, Laethys, and Wolfsbane. Phones were called, people were roused from beds, and the recovery process continued through the morning. This hardware outage affected the databases that host character data.

Recovery of the data for Laethys and Wolfsbane is extremely up to date. It should be within several minutes to an hour of when the outage occurred. Unfortunately, the recovery process of Faeblight, one of our more venerable shards, was not as up to date. Players on the Faeblight shard have been restored to a backup from 3:00 AM Pacific Standard Time from October 23rd. This is a significant loss for players on this shard and we fully understand that.

We are currently in the process of identifying and refunding RIFT Store purchases for users from Faeblight, as well as tracking down any Instant Sixty potions that were granted on this shard. This process may take several hours but we will ensure that any credits spent during this time are returned.

Because of the downtime, we will be applying Exp and Token bonuses to these shards for the next 48 hours. We are currently in discussions internally for additional gifts for players that have been affected by this outage.

Thank you for your patience and support of RIFT, we want to get you back in and playing as soon as possible.

Bill “Daglar” Fisher
Executive Producer


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