Play Trove for Free this weekend!

Trove is throwing a massive Free Weekend event from 11:00am PDT this Friday, Oct. 24 until 11:00am PDT Monday, Oct. 27. Join us on Friday and dive straight into amazing voxel adventures where cubed craziness leads to fun, friends, and all the mayhem of Shadow’s Eve!

Battle monsters, build your Cornerstone, explore new lands and player creations, and experience all that Trove offers first-hand! Simply log into Glyph to download and install the game for free.  If you like Minecraft and other building games, or like a game that is low stress and full of fun, silliness and adventure, you should try Trove.  It’s even more fun when you are running around with friends.

Hop into Mumble and let us know your character name and we’ll add you to the Club!  Unfortunately, we can’t add members or even put you on a friends list unless you’re online when the invite is sent.

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