The Circle is Too Small!

Just FYI, we discovered last night that there is actually a character limit to how many folks you can add to a Circle in Wildstar. To help that, we’ve also created a private chat channel so we can still keep in touch if you don’t happen to be added to the Circle.  So, to keep up on alliance happenings be sure the /chjoin HammerStrike next time you’re in game.

Chat commands are:

  • chjoin /chjoin [channelname] [channelpassword] – joins a specified channel
  • chleave /chleave [channelname|channelnumber] – leaves the specified channel
  • chlist /chlist [channelname|channelnumber] – lists the members of the specified channel
  • 1 /1, /2, /3, /4, /5, … – commands for accessing custom chat channels after using /chjoin

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