Keeping an Eye on Everquest Next

22Last week SOE Live was held in Las Vegas and I took some time to watch the Keynote speeches for Landmark and EQNext.  If you’re interested some folks have re-broadcast or recorded those events and you can find them linked here.

While final release is still a long way off for both games, I’ve had the pleasure of playing Landmark since Alpha and watching the game grow and change with an incredible amount of dedication and involvement from the Dev team.  What you may not know is that it is the Landmark players that are creating the world for EQNext.  The Devs give us style guides for a race and then we build houses, temples, fortresses and such and enter them in contests to be actual building blocks for EQNext.  So far some amazing Landmark builders have completed the Tier’dal (Dark Elf) styles and we’re now working on Kerran architecture.  There’s too many amazing things to show here, but if you’re interested spend some time browsing the Workshop forums at the Landmark website.  Next week Landmark will see the addition of hostile creatures and combat and will finally become much more like Minecraft in terms of being a survival sandbox type game.

EQNext will be a whole new animal in terms of MMOs.  Gone are the quests, instead it will function much like Elder Scrolls in that players will gain reputation and have influence over NPCs.  What you do matters and stays with you, so choose your path carefully.  EQHammer’s Veluux wrote a great article on the Storybricks AI that will be the core of EQNext.  I’ve seen demonstrations of the combat (reminds me a lot of Wildstar in terms of aiming your attacks and being interactive), and I already love the art style from what I’ve seen in Landmark, but the more I read about the AI for EQNext the more excited I get.  I’ll leave you to read the linked article for yourself, however this is what stands out for me.

No more grocery lists, odd-jobs, or silly errands that usually have zero impact on the greater story of the world. No more sitting on our thumbs while we wait for developers to create new content that is going to get gobbled up hurriedly in a mad dash for the next step of gear & level power-creep. Levels won’t exist anymore. Huge, world-changing content updates won’t exist in the same way anymore. Quests, as you know them, won’t exist anymore.

Read the full article at EQHammer

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