Rift 3.0 Preview – Producer’s Letter

rift3Daglar has posted a letter to the community to provide us with a preview of Rift Patch 3.0: Nightmare Tide, the new expansion coming later this year.

We’re taking the battle to the planes themselves, starting with our buddy Akylios. I recommend reading the whole article, but just a few highlights include:

– 5 New levels, up to 65

– new Minions – non-combat pets that you can send on their own missions

– new dungeons & raids

– new equipment slots

– new type of rift – Nightmare Rifts

Lots of new loot and excitement.  Daglar also mentioned that current top-tier gear will be good enough to carry you all the way to 65.  That first green drop from a quest won’t replace that hard-earned dungeon armor.

We should actually see the first new dungeon with the 2.8 patch.

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