Wildstar Open Beta begins May 8

esper_logo_mb Wildstar will begin Open Beta on Thursday May 8 and run through Sunday May 18.  If you’ve been in ANY of the beta weekends so far, you will be able to just patch up your client and play.  If you STILL haven’t tried Wildstar, you will be able to get a key from WildstarOnline.com and play.

The level cap has been raised to level 30 for open beta and the game will be available for 10 days straight, not just the weekends.  Silent Strike has been playing Exiles on the Alizar server.  See previous news for how to find us and get a guild invite.

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  1. Open Beta means anyone can play. I almost expect a MILLION+ people trying Wildstar over the next 10 days. It would not surprise me one bit if there are lag or crash issues often early on. Just be ready for it :)

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