Wildstar Beta Weekend April 18-20 – Free Keys!

Tygerlily.140323.222012For anyone interested in giving Wildstar a try, Carbine has partnered with a long list of websites to give away beta keys for this coming testing weekend.  The game recently received a brand new UI and a whole bunch of polish and bug fixes, so they are eager to have folks help test.

You can see the complete list of key partners  here: https://forums.wildstar-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/32771-weekend-beta-keys-18th-of-april-2014/

Some of the give-aways may not have started yet, so keep checking.  I know Curse has been a great source of keys the past couple of weekends so that may be your best bet.

You’ll find Silent Strike members playing on the Alizar server and we have the guild formed on the Exile side, with a Circle on the Dominion side.  You can add the following account names as your friends if you want to find us:

  • Kalamitti (Saleny)
  • Doomseeker (Libation)
  • Dharkamen (Klyse)
  • Tilani (Tilani)
  • Oonna (Oonna of course :) )
  • Arious (Captain Ninja Pants…err I mean Arious, of course)

*UPDATE* – live key links



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