Introducing – The Liberator

Based on an article that appeared on today, we will be seeing the new Rift souls in the next patch (2.7)!


The first soul to be highlighted is the Warrior raid-healing soul – The Liberator.  According to The Liberator comes from the Plane of Earth …

To take on the Clerical role of Raid Healing, they funnel restorative magic while bending magnetic fields to themselves and allies in the group. Their specific duty isn’t for merely keeping the tank alive, rather they specialize in high heals-per-second and sport fantastic group and area of effect healing. They’ll be found in the thick of things, right up in the face of their enemies, gleefully hacking away while tossing out shields to their friends. The Liberator is not the kind of healer that stays back from the fray and avoids conflict. Quite the opposite, he draws his healing power from wading into combat.

I can see this being a great addition to raid groups.  More news should appear on the official Rift site tomorrow and I’ll update this post with any additional information.

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