Sneak Peek at Patch 2.6 – Bloodfire Strongholds

Thanks to Jonas over at we get a sneak peek at some of the new content coming with Rift Patch 2.6 due sometime in mid-February. The latest Public Test Server patch was over 500mb of data, so this is going to be a big update!


Bloodfire Strongholds will be a new type of event for all levels.

  • There are 7 Bloodfire Stronghold Bosses (6 encounters).
  • There’s Level 15, 30 and 60 versions.
  • They require an Infernal Conduit to summon gained from completing a Bloodfire Behemoth Zone Event.
  • They drop Burning Cores used to upgrade a “Torrid Ember”. Upgrading it 50 times turns the Torrid Ember into a Magma Walker mount.

You can read more over at Riftgrate

Some other tidbits as to what is coming in 2.6:

  • New Air Saga world event
  • Dreamweaving is the new crafting profession that uses artifacts to make dimensions and dimension items
  • New mount classifications (hinting at perhaps water or air mounts)
  • Unstable Artifacts – a whole new classification and series of collectible artifacts available only during zone events
  • New NPCs in Necropolis, new achievements related to the new events and new Planar Squirrel mounts available from collecting Unstable Artifact sets.

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