Raid Days and Times

We are looking to perhaps adjust some the days and or times that we raid with Hammerfist Clan.  Mostly because the “late” raids have been short of people and not happening.  I encourage anyone that is raiding or might be wanting to raid to go to the Hammerfist Clan forums and vote for the days and times that work best for you.

Raid Days Poll

Raid Times Poll


Per Kusana & Pyro’s request, the “late” runs for Drowned Halls and ToDQ will now be Mondays and Wednesdays, respectively.  The time has been moved up to 7:30pm server time (10:30 EST) to better accommodate some of the regular later players.

Our early runs in Drowned Halls and ToDQ will continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the usual time of 5:30 server time (8:30 EST).

We’re also dropping Grim Awakening and/or Frozen Tempest from the raid rotation for the time being.

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