HammerStrike Takes on Intrepid Drowned Halls

Last night the HammerStrike raiding alliance took on some old foes that have been redone for level 60 raiding.  Although most of the loot had been turned off (due to some tuning issues that Trion still has to deal with), the 3 bosses we did kill dropped some very nice items that were upgrades for the winners.

For the most part, the strategies that worked in the level 50 version of the raid were the same for the new level 60 version.  Isskal threw us a bit of a curveball with a now random “rings of death” phase – the old pattern we knew no longer applied since the rings started in random places.  We one-shotted the first 2 bosses and wiped on all the trash, as is our tradition.  Isskal took a few tries, but we were successful in the end and ran out of time to play with Hydriss.  We’ll get her next week.

If you want to experience the raid for yourself, check out Arious’s video

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