Song of Dreams – Patch 2.5

Song of Dreams, Rift content patch 2.5 is going live today.  There have been some class changes, mostly to clerics and warriors and a whole bunch of new content.

Patch Notes are HERE

We’ve heard previously that they were revamping a lot of the old Chronicles and a few dungeons and the Drowned Halls raid.  They will be releasing these over the course of the next few weeks.  The release schedule is as follows:

Nov. 13 – Return To Deepstrike (60)
Nov. 20 – Hammerknell Chronicle (60)
Nov. 27 – Greenscale’s Blight Chronicle (60)
Dec. 4 – Drowned Halls (60)
Dec. 11 – Planebreaker Bastion: Aftermath
Dec. 18 – River Of Souls Chronicle (60)

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