Patch 2.5 Coming November 6

songofdreamsTrion has announced that the next major content patch will arrive on November 6. While final details haven’t been released, some things that have been talked about via the Twitch live streams and on the forums include:

  • Revamped Level 60 version of Drowned Halls
  • Revamped Level 60 version of Deepstrike Mines
  • Updated Level 60 versions of the Hammerknell, Greenscale’s Blight, and River of Souls chronicles
  • A new Chronicle – Planebreaker Bastion: Aftermath
  • New Planar Attunement trees called Attunement of Cinder, Nature, and Storm
  • New series of Artifacts called Unstable Artifacts
  • Infinity Gate Dimension

Of course Song of Dreams is primarily about the new underwater content that will be a precursor to the next expansion. There will be new achievements, PVP armor, changes to the Warrior class and a lot more.  Not all of the dungeons and raids are expected to be active right on patch day but will appear in the weeks following.

This should be an interesting update!


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