New Guild Dimension!

Caer-KholumWe are now the proud owners of the large stone fortress known as Caer Kholum!  Everything from our old dimension has been packed up in the moving crate which you can access from the Edit menu while in the Guild Dimension.  There’s lots of towers to make your own and room to build structures, so be creative and have fun!

In addition, we were able to buy another guild bank tab (since guild dimension prices apparently dropped), so we got both wishes!  Right now the 4th tab contains mostly dimension items as well as recipes and potions.  I will still be cleaning out armor and augments that are below level 50 starting on Sunday, so if you have an alt that you think might need any of it, please take it and put it in your own bank!

Going forward, unless it’s a rare (blue or purple quality) crafting mat, please don’t put crafting materials in stacks of less than 20 in the guild bank.  If there is already a stack of at least 99 of something, just vendor or auction your item as we probably won’t need it in the bank.  You guys are too generous, but we have to leave room for the rare things people might need.

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