Would you rather….?

Have a 4th Guild Bank tab or a newer, much larger Guild Dimension?

I’ve been approached with the offer of a donation to the guild funds of 3000 plat.  The decision we need to make is how to spend it.  A 4th bank tab, could be useful, however our guild bank gets kind of cluttered with junk as it is.  A new guild dimension would mean we have the choice between Tuldio Sun Orb, or Caer Kholum.  They both are much larger than our current dimension (and might allow us to use up some of the dimension items in the guild bank), BUT it would mean we would lose all the work that has been done on our current one (but we would keep all the items).  It is not possible to have more than one guild dimension at this time.

The Winner Is Guild Dimension Caer Kholum!

Watch the guild wall in game for news once we have purchased the dimension and are ready to move in!


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  1. I voted for Caer Kholum. I think that would be better compared to Tuldio Sun Orb. And like you said the bank will still just become cluttered. We just need to clean it out more often.

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