HammerStrike Raiding Change

Since it has been a challenge to get enough raiders to fill our Thursday Frozen Tempest raids starting at 9pm EST we are attempting a new solution that should allow those that cannot play until later in the evening to join forces with the early raiders and fill a 20-man raid.  We will start this tonight (9/12) with a ToDQ raid.

What has been proposed is that we will have 3 raids each Tuesday and Thursday with the raid week beginning Thursday so that Tuesday will be clean up or retro-raids/experts if we have already cleared the 10-man zones on Thursday.

Thursdays will be: ToDQ – 8:50pm EST to 9:50pm EST then head to FT from 10pm EST until 11:15EST, a late ToDQ raid will start at 11:30 EST

Tuesdays will be: ToDQ cleanup or retro-raid – 8:50pm EST to 9:50pm EST and then move back into FT from 10pm EST until 11:15pm EST, a late ToDQ or retro raid will start at 11:30pm EST

When you sign up for the raids, please be clear about what days and times you can attend and be ready to go at least 10 minutes before raid start time or we may have to leave you behind due to the tight time schedules.  Hopefully this will allow us to start making some real progress on Galindra.

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