Everquest Next and Everquest Next Landmark

As some of you may know, Silent Strike had it’s origins in the original Everquest, 14 years ago. (Wow, 14 years!!)  I’m sure many of us that played that game still remember it fondly and it’s safe to say that game changed us all in one way or another.  We’ve met lifelong friends (and even spouses) in that game and so it’s interesting to ponder what the next iteration of that game might be.

I just finished watching the entire SOE Live presentation via Twitch.TV and I have to say, I’m pretty intrigued.  The destructibility of the world, the expressive characters and the ability to learn new classes as you play are things that new games have tried, but haven’t quite achieved. EQN Landmark should be a lot of fun for we Minecraft junkies.

Silent Strike may just have to return to Norrath!

Here’s the Twitch.tv recordings if you’re interested.  Part 1 gets to the meat of it around 27 minutes in, if you want to skip past the sand painting.

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. I finally took a look at this yesterday and even though I vowed to never step foot in Norrath again or support another SOE product, I am looking forward to trying this out. The dynamic game play, the ability to change the gameplay by altering the world, it all sounds fantastic and I’m just hoping SOE can live up to the promises.

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