Changing Raid Schedules

Since Rift has gone Free to Play both Hammerfist Clan and Silent Strike have seen an influx of players and since not everyone is 60 we felt that we’re leaving a lot of people out with our weekly raids.  In addition, since Hammerfist has so many Pacific time players, they have been running the same raids twice a week.  In order to simplify things and to accommodate more of our members, we decided to try making a few changes with our raiding and events schedule.

Starting this week, there will be 1 sign up for the level 60  10-man Triumph of the Dragon Queen raid.  There will be 2 time slots on Tuesday evenings (6:00pm Server time and 8:30pm Server time) and people will be able to sign up for whichever ones they can attend and then the raid leaders (Sazume and Herc) will sort out groups from there.  The 20-man level 60 raid, Frozen Tempest, will be scheduled on Thursday nights.  Sign ups for both raids will be posted by Thursday evening the week before (so this Thursday raids will be posted for next week with a roster posted by Sunday evenings).

In addition, there will be one weekly “Retro-Raid” that there will be a posted time, but no real sign ups for.  It’s looking like these will be on Friday evenings.  By Retro, we mean level 50 content, so anyone level 48 and up is welcome to go and experience some of the raids.  These raids are meant to be relaxing and fun and a chance for the newer members to get to know everyone a bit better.

What does this all mean for Silent Strike’s guild night?  I propose moving it to Monday nights, which always seemed to be a good night with quite a few players on.  Guild night is still a night to do things that our members need doing, whether running through dungeons, completing group quests or stomping rifts for fun and profit.  Please feel free to comment on this post if you have ideas or concerns about these changes.  Our overall goal was to be as inclusive as possible and not strictly focus on end-game content when there are so many new people that aren’t ready for that yet.

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